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Love a fabric? Got a 1/2 yard of cotton fabric that you love??? Send me the fabric and I can make you the covers!!! Email me for more information at

Our Bowling Shoe Covers are $24.00 per pair


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KaylaClean and Dry bowling shoes help avoid serious accidents when on the lane. Keep your bowling shoes dry, free of dirt and debris with our bowling shoe covers.  Our custom bowling shoe covers are made in Maine by local craftspeople. They are handcrafted for extra strength and durability, in keeping with our highest quality. Made of washable 100% cotton, each pair is fully lined and double stitched with elastic trim. Have the confidence to walk outside with our durable marine vinyl soles.Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months from date of purchased.
Got your own special material? Send it to us, we will make shoe covers for you!!!

The Spare Me 900 Crew in Las Vegas

Laurie & Eleanor and Spare Me 900 Sales Crew in Las Vegas!

bowling shoe cover monogram Want them monogrammed??? We can do that too!!!
How about team colors? For more information and selections e-mail us at
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We have lots of fabric swatches to choose from! You might like:
melon burst: watermelon slices on a field of green
dolphins: blue and aqua dolphins in a pale blue ocean
frog day: multicolored smiling frogs
new wave: aqua and royal blue wave pattern
spring daisy: yellow, white and blue daisies with leaves
strike: bowling balls and pins
berry blue: blueberries on a black background
checks: green and blue small plaid
hot chili: red chili peppers on a black background
daisies: white daisies on a black background
denim: blue jeans!
school’s out: brightly colored fish on a blue background
flags: American flags
frogs: green frogs on a green background
leopard: skin print
maine lobster: red lobsters on a black background
love bugs: psychedelic beetles, flowers and peace symbols on a black background
moon and stars: blue clouds, crescent moons, and stars against a blue sky
pink polkadot: bright pink with white polka dots
tie dye: swirls of multiple colors
maroon crackle: maroon with black crackle pattern
flames: on fire! Red, orange, and yellow flames
camouflage: brown, black, tan and olive
gold sparkle: gold with sparkle sequins
Patriots: NFL Football Teams
blue sparkle: blue with sparkle sequins
silver sparkle: silver with sparkle sequins
purple sparkle: purple with sparkle sequins
red sparkle: red with sparkle sequins
aqua sparkle: aqua with sparkle sequins
forest green: solid fabric in forest
hot pink: solid fabric in pink
maroon: solid fabric in maroon
navy blue: solid fabric in navy
purple: solid fabric in purple
irish charm: shamrocks on a black background
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us about special orders!

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